Fire Systems

Fire protection for an organization is a key component in the safety and security of the infrastructure, the business assets, and most importantly people.

IPS has exclusively partnered with the leading manufacturer for the ultimate in fire & burglary protection, a company who has earned a reputation for unsurpassed reliability in numerous industry applications. 

Our solution therefore, provides the flexibility and variety of features rarely available in other fire & burglary alarm systems.  Our solution also has the ability to monitor information within your facility from hundreds of points of detection such as waterflow switches, manual stations, smoke detectors, etc.  All signals are quickly detected and can be reported directly to the central monitoring station.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with DCCTV, access control and IPS's full range of fire and burglary components, our solution provides the ultimate protection of life and property.

IPS is a member of the NFPA.

BENEFITS OF fire systems

  • Protect your assets and people with monitored fire alarm systems
  • Pinpoint the location of the fire alarm for larger facilities
  • Receive notice of critical condition changes, such as temperature or the presence of water